So let me tell you a bit about my first published editorial illustration project of 2024. It is a series of 4 illustrations for an article written by @fraugamperl about her Long-Covid (Post-Covid) journey. It is beautifully written and I was and am into this project 100%. The chronic illness has taken so many wonderfull people out of their life and art. Finding your way back takes endless courage and some very good frinds/family to fight alongside. I was asked to do this series for @sz by @felix_hunger. Both @fraugamperl and @felix_hunger were the perfect team to work with. Also, very fitting to the topic, they stayed with me even though I had to take an unexpected hospital brake to go through a gallbladder surgery while also very pregnant. Their priceless reaction was to send flowers and a get well card instead of canceling the commission. That was about the nicest thing they could have done in such a deadline driven environment. Thank you! 

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