In this case I redesigned a famous german book series, the "rororo Monografien". The original series is known for its undoubtedly recognizable duplex covers and a solid detailed content. However, after 50 years of democratizing knowledge, the production of the series was ceased.
In the class "rororo Monografien" lectured by Prof. Bergerhausen at HS Mainz, I optimized the series for present time readers. We solved problems, like how would anyone like to read a biography today? How can we maneuver through something as complex as a human life?
Substantially, I created a true series, in which any personage, whether Mother Theresa, Al Capone or Salvador Dali can be represented perfectly. By braking up the life story in well readable chapters and creating a stringent left hand margin that gives the reader orientation throughout the book and life of the personage, it becomes easy to start reading anywhere you like. The book becomes visually exciting by inserting what I call "association pictures" throughout the text. That's right, right in the middle of the text flow! These "association pictures" redirect the reader to the gallery section, where it is possible to go through time and take a break if needed. Oh, and by the way, I still admire the classic duplex look, but modernized the colors.
Reading a biography is now no longer an albatross. We can experience a persons' life in a reasonable amount of time and easily access information we are most curious to learn about.
Disclaimer: None of the photos or images and none of the content inside these Books are taken or written by me! I reserched the content together with my collegues and my work is solemly the design, the arangement, the usage of the content and images. This project is for study purposes only. The books were never published by the rororo publishing house. They are not for sale or ment to be sold.
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